Individual and Family Coverage

Unfortunately, health insurance has become even more confusing within the past few years. Gone are the days when employers pay for the family’s health benefit.

The Affordable Care Act, or some form of it, is here to stay. I have been a certified Navigator/Broker since its inception. Having someone guide you and your family through this maze is imperative.

ACA Major Points

  • No pre-existing conditions
  • Rates are based on Residence, age and smoking status
  • Subsidy or Tax Credits are based on Household Incomes


“I count Dave as one of the people who is instrumental in the growth of ACT. He has helped us navigate the confusing, ever changing landscape of medical insurance, group plans, benefits etc. for our staff. He is always ready to answer your questions, provide solutions and do the extra research and even call the insurance companies to get the correct answers, to get the best results for his clients. You need someone like him on your team watching out for you, your staff, your company.”
Minx H. – Philadelphia, PA