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As a local independent broker, we represent the majority of the top-rated insurance providers in the country.

We provide every client with the necessary information so that they can make an informed decision on choosing the best possible plan that suits their needs.

Medicare Supplement

Another word for these plans is “Medigap”. These plans fill in the gaps of Part A and Part B. They pick up the deductibles and the 20% remainder that Medicare does not pay. The benefit of these plans are:

  • No referrals
  • No or Low Copays
  • Small, if any Deductible
  • Network is National

Medicare Advantage

Sometimes called Part “C” Plans. These plans are primarily HMO, with a few PPO’s in the area. These Plans replace Medicare as primary. Benefits of these plans:

  • Low Monthly Premium
  • Some offer Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Maximum Out of Pocket cost

Part D

Part D plans are plans offered by private insurance companies, regulate by Medicare to offer prescription drug plans. Most people need a Part D plan associated with a Medigap Plan.


“Dave CZ is the absolute best!!! He helped me and my wife enroll in Medicare. He spoke directly with a Medicare representative to make sure everything was done properly. He researched and got us enrolled in the best PDP and Supplement Insurance Plans that fit our individual needs. Every year he contacts us to get our latest health updates and current Rx’s. He then researches which are the best and most economical PDP’s and Supplement Plans that fit our needs. Like I said, he is the very best.”
LB – Blue Bell, PA

My husband, Bob, and I have been very grateful to Dave over the last 7 years for his assistance in our choices of health care. We were very confused and Dave was recommended to us to help clear up all our questions. He contacts us each year to give us several options and it is really so helpful to us, we have recommended him to several of our family members and friends.”
Judy & Bob S. – Clifton Heights, PA

Dave has been our go-to guy for both health and life insurance for a number of years and we’ve been more than happy with his business savvy and his service. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Dave, he’s available at the drop of a hat and he always seeks out the best deal for us. Now that we are on Medicare insurance is more confusing than it used to be. We’ve relied on Dave to figure it out for us and he’s done a great job.”
Monica D. – Newtown Square, PA

Get a quote at Medicareful.com/DaveCzyz or call 484-461-2201